Duplicate Files Fixer vs. Easy Duplicate Finder: Review & Comparison

You won’t believe how much of a problem duplicates can be for Mac. Identical files can claim several gigabytes of disk space, thereby leaving you with very little, if at all, free space. Taking into consideration the fact that hardware upgrade cost can be rather high, the removal of file clones is the only viable alternative to purchasing additional storage. To accomplish this task, you have to invest in a professional duplicate finder. The price can vary based on many factors, not the least of which are accuracy, speed, and functionality.

Of course, there are also free utilities the use of which exempts one from struggling with trial limitations. Unfortunately, such software is less efficient than commercial versions of duplicate cleaners. What is the point in having an app that is capable of finding only 60 to 80 percent of all duplicates, while doing it painfully slowly? Therefore, it is more reasonable to download and use paid software for the removal of identical files such as Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer or Webminds Easy Duplicate Finder.

After weighing the potential downsides of running freeware on their OS X and macOS-based computers, many users realize that nothing is more expensive than free. The review has been written to help savvy Mac users choose between the two programs for removing duplicates: Duplicate Files Fixer and Easy Duplicate Finder Pro. It zeroes in on the key features, pros, and cons of each app to assist you in making an informed choice.

How to Use Easy Duplicate Finder and Duplicate Files Fixer

This section of the article will come in handy once you wonder “How do I delete duplicates in Easy Duplicate Finder or Duplicate File Fixer?” Let’s start with Easy Duplicate Finder. True to its name, the utility makes the process of scanning an internal or external drive and finding photo and audio duplicates extremely easy. The app is also capable of detecting identical video files, which helps to manage a personal media library. It also allows its users to compare folders and run multiple scans such as Google Drive scans, contacts scan, outlook mail scan, and Dropbox scan among others. Here’s how to use the app:

  1. Download the latest version of the app ( here;
  2. Follow instructions in the installer;
  3. Select a scan mode;
  4. Select a folder for scanning;
  5. Click the Start Scan button (you can stop the scanning at any moment by clicking the Stop Scan button);
  6. When the scanning is complete, you will see the number of scanned files, the number of detected duplicates, and the size claimed by the duplicates;

easy duplicate finder scan files

  1. Now you can exclude all files from autocheck (sometimes the app can find non duplicates), open Assistant for additional options such as Master Select mode, save scanning results for later and remove duplicates;
  2. To remove duplicates, click the Go Fix Them button (Note, you should only click the button after reviewing the scanning results).

easy duplicate finder resolve duplicates

It is highly recommended to read quick scanning tips compiled by the developer to get a better hang of the utility.

Here’s how to use Duplicate Files Fixer:

  1. Download the latest version (1.4) of the app here;
  2. Drag and drop folder for scanning in the app’s window (alternatively, use the Add button);

duplicate files fixer scan

  1. Click the Scan Now button;
  2. Review the list of potential matches and remove ones that you want to leave;
  3. Select the Delete Marked option;
  4. Close the app.

Easy Duplicate Finder vs. Duplicate Files Fixer: Is it safe?

Easy Duplicate Finder by Webminds is a light and lean app, the scanning algorithm of which relies on CRC checksums. It follows that the probability of the app producing false positives is negligibly small. The downside of the algorithm use is, on the other hand, that it considerably slows down the scanning process, which might be frowned upon by some users. Furthermore, the app is not capable of detecting close matches and almost identical files. It may inconvenience both amateur and professional photographers who need to thin out their photo library. The downsides of the CRC checksums use aside, Easy Duplicate Finder is a convenient and simple cleaning app that helps to remove indistinguishable files in three simple steps. The presence of Assistant makes the process even easier. However, the majority of additional scans (Contacts, Dropbox, email, etc.) do not work as advertised, which detracts from the overall quality of the app. Given the relatively high cost of the app ($39.95), the presence of half-baked features is extremely surprising. On the positive side, however, is the fact that Webminds Easy Duplicate Finder is completely virus, malware, and spyware free.

Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweaks is a safe and handy app with a simple interface. Similarly to its competitor, it provides users with multiple search options. Just like Easy Duplicate Finder, the app cannot find almost identical files, which limits its use to replicas only. The utility offers multiple additional search options such as file size and format; however, their number is lower than that of Easy Duplicate Finder. As for the search accuracy and speed, it leaves much to be desired. Nonetheless, the extremely low price of the product can counterbalance the above-mentioned disadvantages for some users. Currently, the product is available at Mac App Store for as little as $2.99.

How to Uninstall Easy Duplicate Finder and Duplicate Files Fixer

There’s nothing unique about uninstalling the two apps from your Mac. Locate a duplicate cleaner you would like to remove in the Applications folder, right click on it, and move it to the Trash. You might have to enter your administrator’s login details if you don’t run your computer from an administrator’s account. Also, don’t forget to empty the Trash after the duplicate cleaning utility is gone to reclaim drive space.

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