Here you can find comparative reviews of the most popular duplicate file cleaning software for Mac OS! To decide which app is better, we take the most similar ones and evaluate them against each other – functionality, features, prices, etc.

tune sweeper vs dupe away

Dupe Away 3 vs. Tune Sweeper Review & Comparison

We have all been there: a once spacious disk gets overflown with useless files when there is a need to save important staff. The struggle is so real. Of all the factors that contribute toward the reduction of free hard drive space, duplicate files are, probably, the most important one. For one thing, it is Read more about Dupe Away 3 vs. Tune Sweeper Review & Comparison[…]

cisdem vs gemini

Cisdem vs. Gemini 2 Comparative Review

The task of finding and removing duplicate files from a Mac can be quite laborious. Those users who utilize iPhoto and iTunes for storing and managing photos and media files on their Macs and MacBooks can attest to the fact that duplicates scattered across multiple directories of the system take a lot of free hard Read more about Cisdem vs. Gemini 2 Comparative Review[…]

photosweeper vs duplicate photo cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner vs. PhotoSweeper Review

Finding duplicate photo files is a challenging task that shouldn’t be performed manually. Instead, it is recommended to use cleaner software with pro features allowing to quickly detect similar and duplicate images that consume precious hard drive space. The suggestion is grounded in the fact that the cost of using the multi-shot mode is the Read more about Duplicate Photo Cleaner vs. PhotoSweeper Review[…]